Friday, July 18, 2014

Liebster Award #2

hello everyone! I'm tired I don't want to use capitalization plus it looks cool when you don't. haha. so to the point, Julie from Running Through the Stars nominated me for the liebster award too so I thought I would answer her questions. I'm not going to nominate anyone or say 11 facts or make 11 questions cause I've already done that so I'm just going to answer her questions. thanks Julie for nominating me! here we go!

1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?
I don't get this question
2. Internet Explorer or Google Chrome?
Probably Google Chrome
3. Do you like brand new books or old books?
I mostly like new books
4. Are you an animal person? If so, what animal do you like most?
I really like elephants but I also love dogs and all kinds of animals!
5. Do you like books with movie edition covers or not?
oh I love movie edition covers because it's just cool!
6. What's the most annoying thing someone can do to you (I promise not to abuse that knowledge)?
call me bean (long story)
7. What's your favorite holiday? Why?
Christmas because I want it to be winter right now and because I just love the joy in everybody.
8. What is your favorite book genre?
greek mythology
9. What is your least favorite?
umm horse stories. I can never get into them.
10. What's something you loved from your childhood that you still love today?
how I was like a hipster and I loved dressing up
11. Do you do well with deadlines or do you prefer to finish things whenever you happen to finish them?
whenever you happen to finish them cause I'm a slow reader

Thank you again Julie!

Peace and Love,


  1. Just found your blog and I love it!
    Christmas is my favorite holiday too :)

    MJ //

    1. Hey MJ!! Thanks for commenting! It means a lot! Your blog is cool! Love the name too!