Wednesday, September 3, 2014

2014 Savannah Trip!

Hey everyone! I want to take a moment to give some applause for me. I'm finally after a week, posting about our trip to Savannah GA! Yay! So I was going to share some photos but I can't right now. So, pictures are soon to come! Anyway, here's what we did from Friday to the next Saturday!

Friday we started are long drive. We didn't much but sitting down in a blue van the whole day, but it was still fun! At the end of the night be were in Tennessee and were really close to North Carolina. It was really late so we stopped somewhere to sleep.

Saturday was a more exciting day! We saw the smoking mountains! Which was BEAUTIFUL! We drove on a rocky road which would lead us back on the interstate. We went really high too! It was fun but soon it got kinda boring. Then we met a friend in Ashville and did some stuff there. At the end of the night we went to our friend's apartment in Columbia, South Carolina. It was awesome! We saw the capital! Then we went swimming!

Sunday we left Columbia and headed to Georgia! Once we got there we saw our hotel and went swimming again. Our hotel was small but just like our home, well not really! I really liked the hotel because they served free homemade cookies and their swimming pool was right by us. The pool was outside and it was kind of warm because it's hot down there. IT WAS AWESOME!

Monday we went to the ocean! It was awesome! Before we did anything we had to set up our tent which was exhausting because it was windy and the wind wanted to just knock it down. We got it up and about one hour later the tide was coming up to it and we had to put the thing down and set it back up. See what I mean! It was exhausting! The ocean was awesome, but the jellyfish kinda ruined it. There were a lot of jellyfish bites once we came. Once my dad got in there he got one. It was a very warm welcome. Not! But we still loved it!

Tuesday we stayed in Savannah and went on some tours. We took a bus to go to some place. We went to the Meldrum's house. Basically Sherman wrote a letter to president Lincoln in that house. It was cool! Then we went to a good pizza place for lunch while it rained. Pizza was GOOD! After that we saw the river. And I took a picture by a restaurant that was called Bernie's.

Wednesday we went to see a church. It was amazingly beautiful! Then we went to Forsyth Park where we saw a beautiful fountain and cool trees. Speaking of the trees, pretty much every tree had Spanish moss on it. It looked like bunches of dust, but it was awesome! The palm trees were cool too! They were so cute! After that, we went to the beach. The sun was coming down and it was beautiful! Then we went swimming cause even though we just went to the beach we couldn't really swim there because of the jellyfish.

Finally the last full day we were going to be in Savannah and Tybee Island we had another awesome day! We went a dolphin tour and we saw in the whole trip at least 20 dolphins maybe 30. And then after that we went to a awesome sea food restaurant called Sting Rays. I got fish tacos which were AWESOME! Than, we went to Fort Pulaski which was cool! It wasn't the most awesome thing because it was really hot out, but it was interesting. Once we got done there, we went to the ocean and enjoyed it one last time. I got a jellyfish bite on that day, but it wasn't that bad after it happened. My dad took me to go to the beach stores and we saw cool things. That's where I got my Tybee Island shirt. The jellyfish was totally worth it because I got the shirt! YAY!

Friday, we left Savannah. Sadly we said goodbye but said hello to what was happening next, cause we were about to go visit Atlanta GA! Once we got there we went to the amazing and delicious Coke-a-Cola museum! It was awesome! We saw a 4D movie which was SO COOL! We also discovered 65 coke-a-cola's from different countries. It was awesome! We also sat on the American Idol couch! And took a picture with the giant polar bear. He was awesome! After that, we went to a restaurant called Johnny Rocket. It was a restaurant that had 50's music and awesome food! Then we went to the CNN building which was not just the CNN building but it had a lot of restaurants and cool stuff!

Saturday was the last day of our trip. It was sad, but we had another happy day. We went to Nashville, TN. We experienced the bad part of Nashville where there were a lot of bars which really loud music (which was actually live music.) Although it was loud we saw Hard Rock Café and ate some good food, but I was happy to leave. I like the city better than downtown. Then we finally reached home! HOME SWEET HOME! We got our dog from our neighbors and our vacation was done, but at last we could breath the air of our home! AH!

I also got a Coke-a-Cola shirt at the museum. Yay! Here's some songs that I listened to a lot while I was in the car.

                                               And I absolutely love this song by Lecrae!

This song by Royal Tailor so inspiring! It's so true. Look what this world in getting into. But with God we won't let them take control.
The first part of this song by Lecae is kinda weird, but I LOVE THE CHORUS!
This song by Cimorelli is so awesome! It reminds me of God! He is my super hero! Who needs Spider Man anyway? 
And a big thanks to Julie and TW Wright for guest posting! Your posts were AWESOME! Keep up the great blogging girls! And thanks to everyone to reading this post! If you like this blog please comment below you blog address so I can check your blog out too!
Peace and Love,

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