Thursday, January 1, 2015

Cheers for 2014! Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Merry very very late Christmas! And a Happy New year! Sorry I didn't post on Christmas or even after Christmas, but I'm alive! I hope it's not to late to tell you some things I got.

A converse zebra print piggy bank. Two things I zebra print and converse!
I got some perfume and a puzzle. (Sarah got 2 or 3 bottles of perfume so were full)
Socks! Crazy ones too!
A sparkly B that stands for Bernie (will show picture maybe later)
Candy! :)
Some awesome boots. That are dark green and have laces.

This is kinda what it looks like but it's way cuter!
Growing up Duggar book!
My brother got Captain America The winter soldier. (Had to bring that up)
Some jeans (there so comfy)
Warm, fuzzy, cute, and patterned pajamas!
Barnes and Noble gift card.
And plenty more that I just can't think of right now.

God has blessed my family with a joyous Christmas. I hope yours was too! What did you get? Me and my sister got my Dad a captain America shirt. That was his favorite super hero when he was a little boy. I got my sister a shirt that said,
Set Apart
Work of Art
It's a lyric to a song by Francesca Battistelli.

So today is New Years Day! 2014 was awesome! I got to make this blog and meet new awesome blogging friends! All of you who comment and view my blog make my day! I love to see new comments and followers! It's been about 7 months of having this blog and I have 23 followers! Thanks everyone!

Going to Savannah for summer vacation was a blast! Sure it was a little stressful, but I got to see 5 states. Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Kentucky. Seeing the ocean for the first time was awesome! I got a scar! A jellyfish bite! And seeing the Coke museum was so fun! We actually saw a 4D movie! It was stressful sometimes but I was with my family! I was with my favorite people!

My Sunday school.  Oh boy it was awesome!  Going to Illinois world changers was awesome! I got to become greater friends with some awesome Christian people. Focusing on God at the end was so enjoyable. Seeing my Pastor tell funny and meaningful stories there were so encouraging! I laughed so much!

This was awesome! I'm so glad for what God has in store for me this year.

So now I have some resolutions.
1. Meet my friend, Rebecca.
2. Pray more for my friends and family who aren't believers.
3. Go to Niagara Falls!
4. Read the bible everyday.
5. Try to like Hot Tea (it just doesn't have enough taste for me)
6. Continue playing Violin and Piano.
7. Eat more unknown food.
8. Finish Chronicles of Narnia series
9. Try to read the whole Hobbit book.

Blogging Resolutions
1. Get 40 followers
2. Win a giveaway
3. Make my own giveaway.
4. Be in interviews and guest posts.
5. Make more surveys
6. Follow more blogs
7. Become friends with more bloggers.
8. Maybe make a second blog for photography or with a friend

Thanks everyone for making it a great year! Cheers for 2014! Here's for 2015!

And Lord's Girls posted some  of her favorite pictures she posted so I'm going to share some too!

Thanks again!
Peace and Love,


  1. Haha! Did I set a trend?! :D

    -G.P.L. from

    1. Yes totally! It was a great idea! Thanks! I hope you don't mind.

  2. No problem! Thanks for commenting! Makes my day;)

  3. Aww I can't wait to meet you one day!

  4. I love your blog!

    1. Thanks! Follow if you want;) I'll defs check out yours too!

  5. Hey! 2 things, First of all Do you do guest post? someone said you did. Next, Can I follow your blog by email? thanks! :) Sorry but 1 more thing, Are you a dancer or did you just put those pointe shoes on there because you liked it. I really love it I guess because I'm a dancer. :)

    1. I actually do guest post! If you'd like to be a guest poster that'd be awesome! Yeah you can follow by email! I do like dancing a little bit but I love converse so that's why I mainly picked that picture. If you would like to give me your email we can talk.

    2. Hey! My email is Thanks!

  6. mY name is Daddioso and I love your blog. Hi Ellie!!