Saturday, January 31, 2015

Our dog Rudo

Rudo is a 28 (in dog years) old dog. He is a miniature beagle. When we first got him everybody was so excited to have their turn to let Rudo sleep in their room. It turned out to be a disaster. For a couple months he barked all night cause he missed his mom. He also had  numerous accidents in the house. Rudo gets super excited when guest come. Just a little to much. He jumps and barks at them for about five or ten minutes.
This is my dog Rudo. Rudo means love in Africa! Though Rudo loves  to play he also loves to sleep after a long day of playing. Rudo shares a room with our brother now. Sometimes he has bad dreams are kind barks in his sleep.

Rudo loves sitting and laying in the sun. He's also loves letting me take pictures of him. He doesn't like baths much and he makes a big deal after the bath. He wants to try to get the clean stuff off by running around the house and brushing himself on the floor.
                                  I edited this one! Rudo loves to rest his back on our chair. Our Dad makes Rudo's voice since he can't talk, but he can. Cause we got our dad!
We used to get up early in the morning and do bible study with our Dad. Right when he said amen we rushed to Rudo and hugged him. Cause he was so Cute!
                                   Rudo has automatic mascara on. He an Egyptian dog.
One time we left Rudo in our car while we went to feed our neighbors chickens. He ended up honking the horn. Even though Rudo sometimes annoys us. We wish he was a little smaller so we could hold him. He sometimes embarrasses us when guest come. We love him! He's are special dog! We wouldn't trade him for anything. Thanks God for creating animals and Rudo! Isn't God's creation marvelous!