Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Attractions In Georgia

Hey everyone! I'm Maddy from Digital Diary. Ellie asked me to post while she is gone so that's what I'll be doing today. Me and Ellie are not only pen pals, but also blogging buddies. Me, her, and a few more amazing girls have a blog called  Girls Living For God's Glory. Ellie is an amazing friend and I was delighted when she asked me to post for her. Today, I'll be writing about some of the different attractions in Georgia. I hope that you enjoy it and learn a few things!  
Atlanta Zoo

The Atlanta zoo is the wonderful zoo that we have down here. There are many different kinds of animals and there always bringing in new ones! I always enjoy going there and walking around with my family. I have to say that my favorite animals there are the tigers and pandas.
Tellus is an awesome museum that we go to all the time! (Mainly because it's really close to where I dance so it's the perfect place for my siblings to go while I'm dancing.) It's really great though and everyone loves going there. They have a gem mining and a dinosaur bone digging which has to be my siblings favorite. They have many beautiful rocks there also. Even though we go there all the time, we never get tired of it!
Booth Art Museum
The Booth Art Museum is a museum full of art. The paintings there are gorgeous! They have a ton of rooms full of them and I could just stay there for hours and look at them. . It's always a treat to get to go there!
Atlanta Aquarium
The Atlanta Aquaruem is amazing! I've only been once but I loved it! It was really big and they had many animals that you don't often see at an aquaruem. My favorite was either the manatees or whale shark.
The World Of Coke
This place is also amazing! Again, I've only been once but loved it! It talked about about how coke was made and then they had one room full of over 100 different coke drinks. I wasn't brave and just had sprite and stuff like that. They had a ton of different flavors that you rarely see. It was really cool!
Six Flags
"More flags, more fun, six flags!" That little sentence right there is on everything! It really is worth six flags though. It's an amusment park with some amazing rides! I have been on almost every single one of them! My favorite is Goliath. The most awesome rollar coaster ever!
So, there you go! These are a few of my family's favorite places to go during the weekend. I hope that you all enjoyed  learning about some fun things to do in Georgia! Thank you so much for letting me post, Ellie! Have a wonderful week everyone!


  1. This post was awesome!! Great job Maddy! I really enjoyed reading it. :)

  2. Georgia sounds so fun! Great post :)

    1. Georgia is an awesome place! Thanks Simi. :)