Tuesday, August 11, 2015

new design. no capitalization.

Bello fellow viewers and followers!
today I feel like writing with no capitalizations cause it looks cool.
as you can hopefully see i changed my header.
i like this one a lot.
all credit to my friend sarah from Trusting in the Lord Day by Day.
she made this beautiful header for me.
thanks sarah!
i love it!
anyway she also added some pages like about me, survey, and friends so go and check that out.
i just updated those pages for you.
what do you think about the header?
i love it.
it's has a little lack of color i'd like, but i figured my photography on the posts would color it up a little bit.
what do you think?
please give me comment and tell me how you like it?


  1. I LOVE your new design Ellie!!

  2. I don't think I saw this post before! Maybe I just never got round to reading it til now. I'll double check my email :)
    AWESOME HEADER!!! I LOVE IT!! The design is beautiful! Is mint green your favourite colour?

    1. Haha it's okay. It's tiffany blue. It's almost like mint green.