Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // A Look At Summer

Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings.

Okay hey guys!
 Today I'd like to give an overview of my summer. It was a good one I must say. First I'll go over my goals and the ones I did and did not do.

1. Read and Learn.
I read, but I can't really tell you any class or something that I learned from. I read though.
2. Read 2 books!
Yay! I did this. Both of the book were a little short, but I read. So that's good.
3. Have a sleepover with three of my friends.
 Unfortunately I couldn't do this. I had my friends over at my house a lot though. HEY WAIT. I actually did have a sleepover with two of my friends. So, kinda. I wanted to have a sleepover with my church friends but I didn't. Maybe soon.
4. Get an iPod.
5. Learn how to do a roundoff backhand spring.
I knew this was going to be hard. I didn't get to do this. But I'm training guys. I'm gonna get it soon hopefully.
6. Learn how to do a front tuck.
So, I practiced mostly in a pool this summer with this, but I do feel like I could maybe do a front tuck in the gym with some practice.
7. Develops pictures to put in photo books.
Yes, I started doing this. I was on a role when I realized I skipped a lot
of pages. I did a little but I am going to work more on this.
8. Keep having Tuesday as my No YouTube Day.
Yes, I did this. Yay! I also got to read some good Christian books. One Live Smart. It's awesome. Look it up.
9. Blog two times a week.
I think that I did this really good. I did sometimes not do it two times a week but that because I would have something that would take up my whole day. I like that I need to post, but it's also not a BIG DEAL if I can't.
10. Take pictures outside with siblings.
Sadly, no.
11. Draw more.
I kinda failed at this. I did make a lot of birthday cards for my friends though. Does that count as drawing?
12. Have a great summer with my family and friends.

Now, I'll just say some highlights of my summer.
1) I went on my first rollercoaster.
2) I visited friends that I haven't seen in a long time.
3) I went to an awesome camp with my youth group!
4) I also got a concussion.
5) Started doing tumbling classes.
6) I actually swam A LOT GUYS. We usually don't swim a lot but this year was different.
7) I got to be more comfortable with the people at my new church. I also made really good friends.
9) I learned how to do a backbend kickover. Oh guys I was so happy to get that.

This summer was awesome. Lots of
laughs. Lots of love. Lots of family. And I thank God everyday for the family and friends who made this summer awesome. It was awesome guys. We are all so blessed.

Hope you had a great summer too!

If you have not please enter for my giveaway. You will get a chance to win a beautiful watercolor card set. Please enter guys. It'd mean a lot. And if you have. You're awesome!

Did you accomplish some of your goals? What were they?
How was your summer?
Are you excited for school? I AM!
When did you start school? I started last Monday.

And to all you winter lovers like me. I want school to start school just because I want the cold weather. You call me weird for loving winter, I call you weird for not loving winter.

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Hey Ellie!
    I enjoyed reading about your summer. It sounds like you had a great time. Did you enjoy your first roller coaster ride? Did it go upside down? :-)
    I have only been on one upside down roller coaster before, and it was called Manta Ray. You sat down and then turned on your stomach. When you went upside down, it was like laying on your back so it wasn't that bad. It was a lot if fun. :D

    1. Ps. I can understand about school and the cold weather thing. I wish the cold weather would get here. We hardly had any winter last year. It was only like two months of kinda cold weather and ten months of heat. :( I hope it gets really cold here this year. :)

    2. I loved it. I did go upside down. And it was awesome. That sounds fun. Yes, cold weather come! I know same with us. I'm excited for more snow hopefully! :) Thanks for commenting!

  2. winter is my favorite season ever! And no, you are sooo not weird I can't wait for the cold weather mostly because I want hot-cocoa soo badly!do you like hot cocoa or lemonade better I would answer but I don't know which one to choose XD ---Liah

    1. Yes me too! Yeah my sister and my best friend both hate winter. I don't really like hot chocolate, but I love tea and apple cider. I like lemonade a lot!

  3. Sounds like you accomplished some things on your summer bucket list for sure! Its hard to stick to goals in the summer, especially when you want to enjoy family and friends.
    Although it feels like summer has flown by, I am looking forward to college starting up here real soon.
    Glitzy Girl
    P.S. Cooler weather is refreshing, especially since it means pulling out favorite winter clothes like coats, boots, and scarves.