Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // Photography

Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings
this is a picture of our grill. duh I really didn't have to say that.

I've been trying and trying to take a good picture of this flowers and it never turned out good.
Finally I got it.

when you're waiting for your mom to pick you up from piano so you just take a picture of their beautiful flowers.

this cobbler guys was awesome.

a picture of my hair.

so my friends had a party where we ate brownies and sprite and watched spider man.
those brownies were really good too.

most all of these pictures are of food. lol

this is a picture of my chair, but it had a really cool look to it.

and this was Rudo when he was terrified of the thunderstorms going on.

I hope you enjoyed my photography.

I really have nothing to say.

But yayyy!

bouncing in to say bye,

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