Wednesday, September 14, 2016

History, Biology, and Gymnastics

I just realized how horrible my Bernie's Random Ramblings was so I went to update that.
Then, I really wanted to talk about my life. Cause it's been awesome.
So I decided to make a little my life post.

Last Thursday was our first church history class for the school year. My dad and our Pastor are teaching it. I knew it was going to be fun because all of our close church friends we're doing it. And it was! Our Pastor explains things really well. After the audio everyone was like "wait so what did I just hear?" and Pastor Ed helped us understand it by explaining it and helping us learn some new words. That was really fun. Everybody was doodling too. (one reason why I didn't understand the audio very well.) I don't usually doodle in class, but I was. Man, my handwriting was awesome that day.

Before the class I was talking to my friends. I told them, "I'm the kind of person who doesn't even answer the question who died for your sins. I know it Jesus, but I'm to shy to say it." So then after that I was answering ALL these questions in class. Which I think I was doing that because I was more comfortable about these people. It was still funny though.

I also did my biology test today. In this test I needed to memorize these really long and complicated words. What was hard about it was I had to memorize the definition. I know that sounds dumb, but my family has always done spelling where you say the definition and we say the word to the definition. So that was something new to me. Anywho, I think I did okay..... I had to guess for two of the questions. Sarah, who's already done this class looked over my answers after I took my test and told me some things I might've got wrong. So, I'm pretty comfident about it. Hopefully I get a good grade though.

These past few weekends it's  been really nice out. Of course we like to take advantage of that by going outside. Basically, we grill out. Eat outside. Play games with each other. Then just hang around outside doing what we want. I like to play on my balance beam and my mat. I do workouts on it, gymnastics games, and fun stuff. A couple days ago my brother joined me. We did balance beam competitions. Of course we're horrible and we make up rules so we said that you can have 10 retries. yeah our balance wasn't so good that day.

Speaking of gymnastics......IM SO EXCITED. Yesterday I had my gymnastics class. I wasn't there last week because of my back and my it was still hurting a little bit, but I decided to go. I was super nervous coming in there thinking that I would start hurting. I was fine though. I never hurt and I could do my skills just like normal. I was so happy! We got to do backhandsprings (my favorite). I'm so excited because I've getting better at my backhandsprings. I'm starting to get the feeling of it. First when we started the coach said, "okay let's just do roundoffs." I was sad because I wanted to do roundoff backhandsprings. Later then he said you can do them now. I was so excited. A couple weeks ago I was doing a roundoff, stop, and then do a backhandspring, but it's supposed to be connected. I'm finally getting to connect those better. And it makes me happy! So there's my gymnastics talk that I've been dying to tell everybody.

I was really excited about this week because I was going to be busy. WHO LIKES BUSY? ME. On Monday we had our girls bible study. Tuesday was piano and gym. Today was guitar and Wednesday night meals at church. Tomorrow is biology and history class. Friday is going to our apple festival. Saturday is going to the apple festival parade and hanging out there with our family. We're also taking these little kids there to because we're babysitting them. So, I'm excited!

Tell me about your week.
Is there anything you're just dying to tell everybody about to? Tell meeeee!
What are some interesting things you learned this week?
And if you like gymnastics, TALK TO ME!

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. Sounds like you're having fun! :D I tried gymnastics a few years ago, but it kind of faded. I could do a front handspring, and I did a back walk-over a few times. Now, I just stick to doing 'gymnastics' in our pool. :P


    1. That's cool! Lol gymnastics in the pool is awesome! :) Keep it up!