Friday, July 28, 2017

Vacation Post Part 1 // ft. photo dump

Yay so here it is. A little post about our vacation a couple weeks ago. Now let me tell you, I was going to put this all in one post but I spared ya'll because there were tons of pictures that I thought you'd probably get tired of if it was crammed in one post. So here's the part 1 of our vacation,. *applause*

Saturday (June 8th) we all packed up and hit the road. There were LOADS of suitcases, beach stuff, backpacks, and traveling nescesities in our car so it was a little cramped but we managed (barely haha). During our five hours of driving that day, we drove through 5 states. Two were states we'd never seen before, so that was awesome!! (We got to add them to our list of states we've been too. lol does anybody still do that?).

We took a tourism break to explore the Bass Pro Shops Pyramid in Memphis, TN. (p.s. for those of you who watch dude perfect, they filmed a video there once. and we went there. haha cool moment :P) It had some really cool fish and also an alligator (the only alligator we saw on this trip. (My dad said he saw a dead alligator on the road somewhere but nobody else saw it.) It was a pretty cool place to stretch your legs out and take a break from driving at ;P lol.

The next day we drove through (a slightly boring state to drive through. but actually our state is too so don't feel bad) Mississippi. It was pretty exciting when after hours of driving through Mississippi we made it to a new state, Louisiana.

We visited some friends in Louisiana. We talked a lot and also got to ear red beans and rice which is a very popular dish in Louisiana. It was reaaaally good too. We also got to explore Baton Rouge where we saw the Mississippi River, LSU college, and the Capital. We experienced the Louisianan traffic which was busy even on a Sunday afternoon. Thanks to our awesome tour guide (our friend hehe :P) we got to learn lots of cool things about Louisiana. ;)

Monday, we left Baton Rouge to New Orleans. We spent the day at the World War II museum. After that we went to the French Quarter. While Louisiana was experiencing it's daily afternoon showers we walked around with our umbrellas exploring the French Quarter. We found a cool place to eat some Louisianan seafood. I got to taste alligator which has taken the place of the strangest food I've eaten. It used to be crab (don't judge I used to be a picky eater and I now I've came out of my shell. wait, is that a pun? haha). We also ate beignets.

After a couple of days of driving and touring we finally made it too our destination, Gulf Shores Alabama. yayyyyyy

So that's it for now hehe stay tuned for our adventures in Alabama.


  1. Hi Ellie!
    What a fun vacation you had. Thank you for sharing all the pictures. We're going hose real fish in the bowling alley? That would be so neat if they were. :)
    What did you think of the gator meat? We got 15 pounds of meat from the gator my sister killed, and when cooked in the pan just right, it tastes delicious! :)


    1. No problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it :) hmm..I'm not sure about the fish.

      I thought it tasted a lot like a hot dog but that was probably because it was alligator sausage. idk lol I liked it though!

  2. Wow, it looks so cool!

    and haha yes, I have a list of states i've been in (though I really don't update it that often but yea XD)