Tuesday, August 1, 2017

July Highlights // My Vacation and Other Cool Stuff ;)

Heyyy August. I'm not superrrrr excited for you because school is starting and the weather is very hot and humid in August but I'm excited for a new month ;)

  I feel like July went by really slowly. Like was the fourth of July really only 4 weeks ago? And did I really get back from my vacation two weeks ago? Whattttt? July was reaaaaallly fun though. There was a lot of exciting things that happened so you should read on to find out what they are ;)

July Highlights

I hosted a waffle party at my house - haha so yeah I invited my friends over for blueberry waffles. They were delicious. (Sad to say I think ever since then I haven't made waffles since haha.) uhhh but they were so good with whip cream on top. *im drooling right now. aren't you?*

Fourth of July was the bomb. (ahahaha that's a pun I'm laughing so hard rn) The fireworks were pretty awesome but being there with my friends and family was better ;) We played a game of football before the firework show and it was really fun. Usually no one ever guards me (which idk why because I'm a good player and I can catch a ball real good and even after I show to them that I'm a threat, people still don't block me. weird right? or am I just weird. idk.  it's really fun when always get the ball and scores runs for the team ;)

I made really good soda popsicles hehe my dad got them for me since he knows I like popsicles so much. (Thanks Dad!) I also made yogurt flavored ones too and they were sooooo good. Mmmm I'm craving them now.

WE WENT TO THE BEACH - won't really go into big detail about it because I'm writing a post about it in full detail (and it's gonna be THE BOMB post jsyk. check it out when I post it ;P) but let me just say IT WAS AWESOME. and right now just thinking about it makes me want to go back in the salty blue ocean water and be pulled into the mighty waves that beat on me. *add some dramatic music to that sentence* anywho, stay tuned. we'll talk more about this later ;)

we made bracelets for our friends who will be going to Guatemala on a mission trip. They're going to give our bracelets to little kids. It's awesome to know that even though we can't go there we can still help a little :)

bubble tea - I drank bubble tea two times in one week like uhhhh... so awesome.

reunited with our friends after vacation - we hung out at the library while Sarah and her friend volunteered. we drank bubble tea (for the 2nd time that week haha) and took artistic photos with our plato creations. (haha and we had a white piece of paper that we set up for our backround.) #aestheticnessatitsbest

VBS - ahhhhhh this was so fun. I helped with the 1st and 2nd graders with one of my friends and it was soooo fun. The first day, we basically followed around the kids and didn't really do anything but after a couple days we were busy helping the kids. It was super fun. Especially the music. haha I'm just going to add the links to these awesome songs (check em out. they're the best) One of the funnest songs to dance too and one of my favorite songs ever, Say Yes to VBS. Another really cool song, Sin Messed Everything Up. And Over the Moon another favorite ;)

Our family set up a surprise party for our Grandma and it was soooo sweet. She was sooo surprised. It was very enjoyable getting to take a little trip up the visit our family. I played around with my little cousins a lot. They're the best ;P

The Bomb Stuff

we went to our friends house and got some vegetables from their garden and there were LOADS of tomatoes, green peppers, cucumbers, egg plant, and blackberries too!! they were sooo good.

I changed my bedside billboard pictures (finally) and I'm so happy with how they look now. eeek!

I just got two new sweaters and I can't describe how much I'm excited for winter. AHHH I WANT TO WEAR SWEATERS AND JEANS SOOO BAD. *I know I'm weird*

AHHH so the flowers are finally up and butterflies are coming. I can't describe how beautiful it is. I'm so overwhelmed every time I see it. I thank God about a million times for making flowers. (Don't you too?) and btw, I just made a new hashtag on my Instagram photography account #elliesflowerspam haha I love it.

we drove around my dad's hometown where he grew up and it was so enjoyable. it was very fun to drive around and hear him tell me stories about when he was young.

I'm obsessed with Running Home to You by Grant Gustin and I can play it on the guitar and it sounds THE BOMB. it's the best love song I've ever heard (which is saying a lot because I don't really like any kind of love songs.)

We're obsessed with The Flash right now. Does anybody else love that show? *looking out for any fan out there to talk too* btw, that picture up there^ of me that's all blurry hehe doesn't it look like the flash? haha


paint the cabinet in the kitchen

make my last weeks of summer really fun and awesome

sleep outside

stay off technology so much

Thanks for reading guys!!

Comment below what you did this month cause I'd love to hear from ya'll ;)

bouncing in to say bye,



  1. Omg I wanna come to a waffle party!! yum! and I feel you... as much as I'm loving summer, I am so excited about winter!


    1. haha yesss come over!! yayyy I feel like no one understands cause who wants summer to end? the answer is you...and me *fist bump*

      Thanks for commenting!!

  2. Your summer sounds like it's been so much fun! I want to go to a waffle party :) Also, bubble tea is AWESOME :D

    1. Aw thanks it is :) Yayy you can come over too hehe :P yesss bubble tea is delicious!

      Thanks for commenting!!

  3. Ahhh, sounds like so much fun!!! And I'm so happy it's not just me wanting to wear sweaters again...I love
    winter XDD

    1. Oh yay you want winter too :P I do too!! I just want some more snow!!

  4. Yes I know I'm late. Anyway I loved your post and it's funny because i made a Popsicle that looked JUST like yours!

    1. haha it's fine. I'm sorry this reply is super late. Ahhh forgive me, I'm horrible. Oh haha that's great! They're super yummy!

  5. Oh wow! Your July surely looks fun. I wonder how you did those cute elephant clay figures...so cute.