Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Fall, Kids, and Thanksgiving.


One thing about fall is they have the most gorgeous sunsets ever! I've never seen these kind of sunsets. I love taking pictures of them and they turn out great. One thing I've enjoyed about the fall is reading. It's always loud in the day so I usually never read then, but I always look forward to the night where I can go to my soft bed by my giant teddy bear and read a nice good old book. Lately, I've been reading Hunger Games and absolutely LOVING them. I read two chapters every night and I love every minute of it. I've been loving the feeling of getting to put on a jacket. It makes me feel so good.

Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday my aunt and uncle and their kids were able to visit us for a while. It's a big thing for us because we live about 4 hours away from all of my dad's family so they don't always come down here. It was tons of fun though. It was awesome getting to babysit their kids and joke around with everybody. We listened to tons of Disney songs, played barbies, played games, and ate. It was very fun. You think it'd get a little boring, but it was always fun. And I love my cousins! :)

We got a 4 day weekend this week because of our family and will get another one for Thanksgiving. By the way, who's excited for thanksgiving? I am. God has blessed me with great things to be thankful for. Yay!

Hope you enjoyed these pictures!
What's was your favorite thing about fall? 
Which one is your favorite?
Have you took any sunset pictures?
Ellie R.



  1. Beautiful pictures! I'm a bit fan of taking sunset, cloud and tree pictures or really, a lot of different scenery type photos. Thanks for sharing some of yours! :)

    1. Thanks Rissi! Yeah that's cool. Me too! No problem! Thanks for commenting!

  2. I actually just recently took some sunrise pictures and they will be on the joint blog tomorrow (friendlovesatalltimes.blogspot.com) so you should definitely check them out soon! :) Thanks!

    Allie D.