Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Who am I?

Hey guys. So for today I'm going to show what characters I am in the quizzed I take. So this at'll be funny. lol some are good some are bad. Also I'd love to see who you are. Do it! Okay let's go!
So for Disney princess I was Mulan
This is Disney villain
Oh my goodness! I don't think I'm this. I was Maleficent last time.
This is avenger character
Okay I was 29% Thor 29% Cap 21% Black Widow 14% Nick Fury and 7% Hawkeye. And the rest 0%. I'm going to do another one though.
Okay so I was her. I guess I don't mind her to much.
What magical Tolkien creature I am
A Hobbit
For actual character of Hobbit
Bilbo! You get a lot done, though not exactly by plan; more by accident, and though you may be the title character, you're not necessarily aware of it. You have a lot more courage than you know, though it feels very hard to get out of your comfort zone. If you should ever go on an adventure, just remember to beware of shiny, gold rings.
For Lord of the Ring character
I think this is wrong. I don't like this girl either. Ugh! Okay this is totally wrong. I didn't answer anything about love in the quiz. NO! It's wrong!
So this is what descendants character?

I'm Carlos. I'm very surprised I got him, but I love him and I think I'm kinda like him. Here's what they said about me:

You’re Carlos!

You’re intelligent, caring, witty, and super smart! Every day you work to overcome your fears and take challenges head on. You’re also an animal lover!
This is for frozen character

You're Anna!

You’re optimistic, eager, and always see the good in people. You long for adventure and romance, and a little chocolate would be much appreciated.
I guess this is me. probably me out of all of them.
This is for toy story character

You're Mr. Potato Head!

You’re definitely a wise-cracker, but hey, it’s tough to be serious when you’re a potato whose limbs are always falling off. Still, your bravery has earned you a few fans over the years.
Yeah I guess this is pretty good.
For cars
You are Lightning Mcqueen, the rookie race car. You learned that winning is not important but friends is more important.
                   You are Lightning Mcqueen, the rookie race car. You learned that winning is not important but friends is more important.                                                          
You are Lightning Mcqueen, the rookie race car. You learned that winning is not important but friends is more important.  
For Tangled character   
I was Flynn. Yeah.
I took another and wished I didn't. Because.......
You are Mother Gothel

Though at the moment you look OK, you're
actually quite old. All you care about is staying
young - even at the expense of locking a poor
girl in a tower her whole life. How mean is that?!
NOOOO! No! I don't want to me her!
your favorite color is blue and you love water. you are a child of The Big Three so you are really powerful.also, you are the son of Poseidon. be careful...that makes your scent stronger and tastier to monsters.
I think this is kinda wrong, but I like Percy.
And for the last one.
For what hunger games character I am?

Thresh is the male tribute from district 11. He is partners with Rue and although they are rivals feels very deeply towards her. Like Thresh you are very imposing although you don't really feel like you are. You know your home turf and will challenge anyone who threatens you. Although you may look like a tough guy, deep inside you have the biggest heart anyone could possibly imagine..
OH MY GOODNESS! I mean I guess I agree with some of this, but. I'm taking another.
You are Primrose Everdeen!
Okay I kinda agree with this, but I don't like Prim a lot so...yeah
Okay one more. I like getting a couple answers.
You Are Katniss
Most people who grew up with you know you as a bit of a loner. You have had to pave your own way in life.
You are naturally quite introverted, but you shine in the limelight. You have a natural charm.

You are a survivor and a definite rebel. You don't do what you're told, and you question authority every step of the way.
You are loyal to the people you love first and foremost. You will do anything in your power to keep them safe.
Okay I pretty much agree with this. Oh btw, who DOES NOT LOVE THIS PICTURE? I love this picture of her so much!
I was just kinda curious to do this survey.
Would you survive the hunger games?
I hope you liked this post! If you want me to see if I'm any other character just comment below and I'll do it! Thanks! :)
Do you think I am these characters?
What characters are you?
Did you like this post?
                               Ellie R.
P.S. Book Review of Hunger Games might come soon. I just have to get done with the book. I'm allllmostt there.


  1. Hhhmmm. I am an elf. I love the elves. They are quiet, strong, noble, and truthful, with a wisdom passed down from age to age. Elves are ageless. In an elven kingdom, there is no thing such as past, present, or future. Just read about Lothlorien (Fellowship of the Ring).

    But sometimes, elves come across as smug. No, I am not an elf. But I admire them greatly! : ) No, I am Eowyn, the Shield-maiden. Courageous, humble, daring to step outside the lines, not letting someone else beat her path before her. I, too, fear a cage (The Two Towers).

    Why don't you see who you are on the Chronicles of Narnia?
    And Princess Bride?
    Both classics, you have to see who you are on those. : )

    I LOVED this post!!!! : ) Great job, Bernie!! : )

    1. I like elfs too. Apparently I'm not them though hehe lol ;P
      Oh yeah I should've done Narnia. I've watched Princess and the Bride but I didn't like it that much. Thanks Celandiya! Thanks! :)

    2. Are you referring to the same Princess Bride I am -- stars Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Billy Crystal, and Andre the Giant? You know, Wesley and Princess Buttercup? : ) Like, from the 80s. : ) Oh, yeah, and Fred Savage. haha

      Yeah, Narnia would have been cool. You should do it and tell us who you are here in the comments... : )

    3. Oh, and by the way, you were an elf! : P
      haha On that LoTR test you took, Arwen is an elf! : ) lol

      But I feel like they misrepresented her in that. You see, Arwen, while she does have a guy on there, and she is more the main character of the romantic twist in the movie, she is very courageous. The quote about spending one life-time with her beloved, rather than all the ages of the world alone -- that is in the movie. But I wouldn't really consider her like a love-freak. She's more just loyal, with deep feelings for a noble man. And she is SO courageous. And beautiful! I tell you, if I took a test and was Arwen, I would be thrilled!

      haha Of course, I would probably be like Gollum or somebody. Who are your favorite characters on LoTR? : ) I really like, Faramir, Sam, Legolas, and Gollum! : ) But Faramir and Sam are probably the top two contenders. Oh... oh, I guess Sam wins! haha

  2. I loved this! What quizzes did you take?