Thursday, November 26, 2015

Things I'm Thankful For

1. God. Every time I pray I ask to be bold so I can preach the gospel, to have self control, to love others, and many other things and I know I can't do anything without him. He helps me in so many ways!
2. My mom. Even though she lives a life of her body always hurting she loves me, teaches me, and provides for me. She is the best bus driver EVA! I love her so much!
3. My dad. He is always working for me and my family. I've realized sitting on a chair and looking on a computer is not what he'd want to do all day, but he does it to provide for us and give us a nice home and food.  
4. My sister. She always makes me happy and never leaves me with a frown. She's funny and I always got someone to talk to with her. She loves me so much and me too! :) I always can talk to her about books and movies and that kind of stuff. ;)
5. My brother. He is always someone to play with and joke around with. He ALWAYS keeps me laughing and enjoying the hard things. He's got me into football and baseball and I love it. We're class clowns together!
6. My friends. They always talk to me and keep me happy. I'm always me when I'm around them.
7. My church. They always encourage me to be closer to Jesus and to love others. It's awesome to have friends who encourage you in everything you do.
8. My bible. Without that thing I'd be nothing. I love reading the bible. It comforts me and makes me realize how much I need Jesus in my life.
9. Food. It's so yummy and good. Without it I wouldn't be healthy and I couldn't be the energetic person I am.
10. My body. Me and my brother have been reading the Human Body for science and I realize how much God designed every one of us so we could do even the simplest things like bending our knee and opening our mouth. He has made us to run fast and do cartwheels. He's awesome. No one can make any kind of body better than him. No one. Not any kind of technology either.
11. My school. Yeah I know I'm saying this, but I want to be someone someday. Someone who is smart and has a good job. And I realize I can't do that unless I have my education. And with education you need books. God has provided these awesome school books to teach me.
12. Clothes. They keep us warm. And cool. And they are so cozy.
13. My bed and blankets. I always like getting up in my bed and having sleep. Who doesn't.
14. My house. It keeps me safe.
15. This blog. My blogger friends. You guys. I'm so glad I could have this blog. I'm a shy person so I can't always go and share the gospel in front of people, but I really want to get better at it. It's awesome that I can share God's love here to all of you guys. Thank you everyone for listening! Commenting and encouraging! It means so much! ;) 
16. Photography. I love being able to share pictures of God's BEAUTIFUL creation. It's awesome!
17. My country. It makes me so sad to think that ISIS is killing innocent people in different countries. I'm just so glad we live in a country where that isn't happening. I know they are very bad things going on in United States to, but God has gave us a country where we can read the bible freely. Some people don't even have those things.
18. Books. They're cool. :P
19. Art. For markers, coloring books, and pencils.
20. Communication. It's awesome to be able to make friends with people all around the world. :)
We need to realize we have A LOT.
Many people are very poor.
They're people with a hut for a home.
Only one pair of clothes.
No shoes.
Food on the table is rare.
They are hungry.
Clean water is also very rare.
And here we are wanting more and more and more.
We call Thanksgiving Thanksgetting now.
Why do we long for more?
Be thankful for what you have today.
Because we don't deserve any of it.
We don't deserve a penny.
But God is giving this to us.
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!
Hope you like!


  1. I am thankful for my family,friends,neighbors,my religion,good books,food and blogs like Uniquely You.
    Wishing you and yours a Blessed Thanksgiving.
    Marion and Marilyn

    1. Aww thanks! I'm so glad you like my blog! :) You too! Thanks for commenting!

  2. Such a good post! We don't always take the time to think of what we're thankful for but we should! I loved this so much, especially the paragraph at the end!

    1. Thanks! Yeah she should! Aww thanks! I'm glad you liked that!

  3. Hi Ellie!
    You recently commented on my blog asking if I may make an example of an entry for my Writing Contest!
    I just wanted to let you know that I have edited my post to include an example of an entry.

    You can check that out here:

    -Elly <3

    1. Hey,
      Thanks so much! Okay I think I get it now. Thanks! Will be probably entering soon.

  4. This post was great! :)