Friday, January 1, 2016

Let's Go On An Adventure!

                    Happy New Year! 
2015 has been filled with sad moments and mad moments. But love, laughter, and forgiveness made it a happy year. A year I loved. Thank you Jesus for 2015. Maybe your 2015 wasn't the best, but I know for a fact that God has a plan for you. And yes I know it's hard but he's always with you and he'll never leave you. So cheer up. Trust in The Lord! 
I have some great moments at the top of my head of 2015 that I'd love to share with youuu! 
1. After my moms surgery I was so happy when I saw her out of her bed and in her Wild Motor Drivers shirt. (Wild Motor Drivers is my brother's baseball team for that year. We all love baseball a lot.) 
2. I loved seeing my brother play for a really good baseball team called the Sharks. It was so awesome. I was a proud sista. 
3. Late night chit chats are always awesome with ma sista. Especially the nights after I read the hunger games so we could argue about Gale and such.  
4. For my sister's birthday I loved going to Paducah and spending the day with my family and our two really good friends. It was awesome having a picnic by the river too! 
5. I just love the moments in 2015 when all of us family were cuddles together in the living room just talking. I love seeing my family laugh. 
6. One of my favorite memories is going to big dinners with your relatives and looking down the table and seeing ALL the people all talking and loving each other. It's so awesome to think of how God has blessed you so much with awesome family. 
7. Okay, who doesn't love when singing at church just you stop singing and hearing EVERYBODY sing. So loudly praising God. I love doing it and it's SOO awesome! I also just love all the things we get to do with our church family. 
8. This year I loved making a new friend named Jennivee. She's pretty much a grandma to us. We make cookies with us, play Chinese checkers, shows us cooking recipes, and gets us food. But she helps us so much and I love spending time with her. She encourages me so much and I admire how much she loves and cares for everybody. 
9. One of my favorite memories was staying up late one night while my dad addressed Christmas cards and I flipped around the house doing cartwheels and singing Christmas songs and my mom being right there smiling at me. It was awesome. 
10. God really showed his mercy to me when this week our car had to go to the car shop and get a pretty big repair. My dad was wanting to get my mom a camera and the car payments would've maybe stop him. But God provided for getting my mom a camera. And he also fixed our car so we could travel to my Grandma's. Thanks God! 
11. Another good memory was getting a big giant jar of money from an unknown person. That really made us happy and it encouraged our family to maybe give something to some family sometime too! 
12. And one last one. This Wednesday night when we were pulling into our Aunt and Uncles house and looking in the window and seeing all of our cousins looking out the window as jumping up in the air when they saw our car. They made me SOO happy! 

God has really blessed us with a GREAT year. Thank you God! And thank you to every single one who made this year so great! I thank God for you guys, my family, and my friends! 

        New Years Resolutions 
1. Memorize more bible scriptures.
2. Read more books of the bible in the Old Testament.
3. Learn more gymnastics skills.
4. Have bigger muscles! Lol :P
5. Give more to the missions.
6. Read 7 books.
7. Go on a big vacation. 
8. Go on a roller coaster for the first time! 
9. Get a new camera or new iPod. 
10. Give birthday cards to my blogging friends. 

Thanks guys making this year so fun. I love blogging for you! 2016 I'm ready! Let's go on an adventure! 


P.S. Survey about my blog for the new year will be posted soon. Thanks! :) 


  1. Awesome post Ellie! I loved reading it. God has been so good to your family this year. Reading your post really encouraged me. :) Thank you!
    Also, I am so happy that your Dad was able to get the camera for your Mom! I was praying about that.

    1. Thanks Shelby! He has! I'm glad it did! Oh thanks for praying! Yep I was so happy! :) Thank you so much for praying! :)