Thursday, January 21, 2016

The First Snow of 2016!

So as you can see....WE GOT SNOW! SNOW SNOW SNOW! The first snow of 2016! Yay! Even though it was only 1 and a half inch it was snow for us. We sledged. And threw snowballs at each other. I tried to take pictures of it, but photography hasn't been so successful these days. And I don't have a lot to take pictures of. Anybody got any ideas?

On Wednesday's we always go to our friend's house and do our writing class. It's so fun because they have about three classes and at one time me, my brother, and my two friends all get to go outside and play football. It's come to like a Wednesday Game Day. This Wednesday we forgot are football. It was bad. Everybody was super grumpy. Though never take fear for Ellie's imagination is here. We ended up trying to play football with a soccerball, but we ended up playing a game where you can either kick the soccerball or pick it up and throw it to your teammate. You can't run with the ball in your hands though. It was really fun though because we didn't have fouls. So, you can just hold on to your brother and it's not bad at all. We just got jumped on many times by fighting for the ball. And when we came in my pants were literally SOAKED! It was so fun though. We always get some kind of dirty after ending our game out, but we all agree it's so worth it. And my team one! Cause we awesome! A lot of times my brother would be about to get a score and me and my teammate would be chasing them and he'd just fall. And I'd just have to go and do it. It was hilarious!

Basically around my house we've just been doing LOTS of school. I mean lots. And playing Chinese Checkers which I've have a three game losing streak. It's bad. I gotta step up my game. And what else. Umm watching football. I'm a Seattle Seahawk fan and they lost. So, I'd like to see Carolina Panthers and Arizona Cardinals win the super bowl. And I do handstands probably about 100 times on Sunday while watching football. It's total relaxation to me! Yeah I've been flipping a lot. I got a flipping picture in the snow and for my school pictures! HOW COOL IS THAT? Thanks dad and Sarah for taking those pictures! And just watching Youtube. I have like a long streak of all the videos I need to watch on Youtube. I'm so busy I can't watch all of them, but I try. And just laughing. I love laughing don't you. And loving sunsets. They're just beautiful. I gotta say though my sunsets in the yard are way better than the ones on Instagram.

On Monday my dad, me, and my brother all went stargazing for our science. I thought it'd be boring, but even though we didn't see much it was fun. We got to see Orion, Cassiopeia, and some really bright stars that we think are planets. So that was fun!

I hope you had a great week and enjoyed this post!
Do you like snow?
What is relaxation to you?
Can you spot some constellations or planets?
Bouncing in to say bye,

BTW, today is my dog's birthday! Give him a happy birthday comment and I'll tell you said it!


  1. I say happy birthday too your dog. I love snow but where I live we never get it and if we do it's more like big clumps of ice.

  2. Happy birthday to your dog! I ADORE snow! But we live in Alabama, so we don't get much snow:( Your post is awesome!


    1. Thank you Avalee! I do too! Aww I know. Thank you! I'm glad you like! :P

  3. Hi Bernie! It's been no school due to snow since last Wednesday. I go to public school. No school gets boring quickly. : (


    you've been nominated for an award on my blog, sincerely allie. (

    Allie D.

    1. hehe thanks! isn't he?
      oh thanks I just looked at it! :)

  5. We got some snow here too! Not a lot though, lol! ;P I enjoy snow, but after a little while I don't. Does that make sense?? ;) It's actually suppose to warm up here a little bit soon! I don't think it's suppose to stay that way though. :(
    Oooooo, I love going stargazing!! We live in a city so we can't see like a whole lot, but we have 5 telescopes. It's really cool though! We've seen Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn, at least! And of course some stars. ;)
    This is a bit of a long comment!
    P.S I'll be responding to your letter soon! I was kinda waiting for all the sickness to be over with before I went and sent you a germy letter, lol! ;P
    Have a great day!

    1. Yeah I get what you mean. All of my family are like that except me and my brother. we love snow! that's awesome. yeah I want to see some kind of planet! they're cool! okay thanks! I'll be looking forward to it! Lol that's fine! :)

  6. Happy birthday to your dog!!
    He is SOOOOO ADORABLE!! :-) :-) :-)
    We got like 10inches of snow where I live, but it's mostly melted now.