Thursday, January 28, 2016

The 7 Awesomes and Awkwards

why hello
hello everybody! how are you?
I'm sorry but at the time I feel like the only time I can really post it once a week. I know in my survey some people asked me to post more and I will try hard. But I am very busy with you.
Okay now on to my post.....*deciding on what to post*
Okay so I am going to post about
7 AWE and AWK things
7 awesome things
1. When you say the SAME thing the person says in the movie at the SAME time. It's just such a proud moment. Isn't it?! anybody?
2. When you're finally done with school and it's a Friday. It's like...I can breath harder now!
3. When you're just almosttt caught up with all of your videos you need to watch on Youtube. Yeah I watch a lot of vlogs so I have a big list a lot of times because I'm so busy. Does anybody else have big lists of videos you need to watch?
4. When you FINALLY catch a football in a game. Literally guys I can catch a ball, but in a game it's a little harder. I always scream, "I finally did something good!" when I get it and say, "I almost was going to do something good" when I don't. *sad face*
5. When you make great food! Lol me and my friend made THE BEST cookies yesterday.
6. When your friend tells you she loves you favorite book or movie too!
7. When you win! Lol BEST feeling EVA! Playing football is a blast! And so is Chinese Checkers. But I mean winning it even better! Am I right?
7 awkward things
1. When you literally have NOTHING to say to your friend.
2. When you ask your friend if she wants to do something and she asks you but you don't want to do what you want to do. Lol don't you wish you're friends actually answered your questions sometimes?
3. When you have like the best speech ever to tell everybody but you forget one word. One time I was telling everybody about how my friend got saved, but I totally forgot what they usually say when that happens. And everybody was trying to guess it. It made the speech horrible.
4. When your friends are talking about something else you haven't watched or something you don't do right in front of you. Yesterday my friends were talking about this movie and how it was weird and I was just sitting there laughing at everything funny they said. lol :P
5. When you have to walk through this big aisle where everybody is just sitting around. I feel like everybody has eyes on me even though they probably don't.
6. When someone asks you what you talked about with your friend and you suddenly just forget every single thing you talked out. I mean you talked about a lot of things Ellie can't you remember? Lol it's not like it's a secret at all. I just forget.
7. When everybody else just slips on their shoes in no time and you have to tie it and everything.
I hope you liked! I had to get a little creative on the awkward ones.
Comment below if you agree with any of them. And feel free to ask any of the answers I asked? I love knowing that people feel me.
Thanks guys! :)



    I can tell that you spent a lot of time with your friend yesterday! lol! :P

    Allie D.

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    2. Oh!
      And please link back to my blog.
      Thanks :-)
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    3. Heyy! Thanks for that! I might do this! :)