Saturday, November 8, 2014

Modesty Series

Hello followers and viewers! How was your week? So, today I am doing another Modesty Post. This one is kind of a fun and interesting post about Modesty. If anybody remembers my last post I mentioned a awesome blog Fresh Modesty. Her blog is very interesting because she blogs about life lessons along with some cute and modest clothes! This post I'm going to share some very modest and cute outfits. Most of them probably will be from Olivia's blog. I'm also going to find some off Pinterest. I have plenty of pictures. At the end of a picture I might tell you why I like the outfit.
Here we go!
                                          I love these kind of skirts, because there so long.
                                        I like this outfit because it's simple, cute, and modest
                                      This is absolutely just gorgeous. The pattern is beautiful.
                                Again just simple, cute, and modest. Plus I love polka dots!
                                                              Simple, cute, and modest
                                              Cute! Another long black skirt! Love them!
                       Love the plaid. The sweater is perfect! The skirt blends in beautifully!
                                                  This is so modest. Chevron is so cute too!
                                    love this one because it's so simple and country girl-ish!
                                                              Simple, cute, and modest

                                                     Country girl with bare feet. Love this!
                            The Duggar girls are so beautiful and modest. Love all of these outfits.
 I love Ginger's (all the way on the left) dress. All of them are cute! And yes this one of Jill's engagement pictures with her sisters.
I love Jana's outfit.
I hope you enjoyed this post. These are my Lord willing upcoming blog posts hopefully all posted next week.
The Utimate Book Tag
And Another Modesty blog post and were going to be looking in the bible about modesty.
Thanks for reading! Which one of these outfits are your favorite. Do you know the Duggars? Have you read the girls book Growing up Duggar?
Please comment below and tell me what you think about modesty and if your liking my series. ANd maybe what to improve on or something to do including the topic Modesty. Thanks everyone!
Peace and Love,