Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Modest Series!!!

Hello Everybody! So, according to the polls percent, more people want me to do a Modesty Series than A uniquely blank series. So I'm so excited! For those who wanted me to do the uniquely blank series I will do it just not now. So any in this post I'm going to share what I think modesty is and what I think about it. I think Modesty means to be covered up into whatever your comfort zone is. If that's makes any sense. An example is me. My non comfort zone is no shorter shorts than in the middle of you knees and waist. I usually wear shorts a little under the knees or over the knees. I think it is very impropriate when girls wear shorts that aren't even longer than the pockets. When it comes to shirts. No belly shirts. I like to be covered up on the top part. Though sometimes you come across cute shirts that are a little low cut. I just wear a cami. I don't like really tight shirts. Though I will deal with skinny jeans and leggings. Leggings need to be covered up with a long shirt or cami though. There's nothing really wrong about shoes, but I don't like really high heels. Especially the thin heels. I will sometimes wear little heels. So, that's kinda all. If you enjoyed this post a lot please give me some suggestions on what do you think I should do next including the subject Modesty. I am not done with my modesty series. This is just the first part! If you want to find a modest blog click here. She's awesome! Thanks everyone!

Peace and Love,

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