Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Soldier Obeys and So He Did

A Soldier Obeys and So He Did

By: Ellie Richardson


The Glorious Hussar is a book by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle about the life of a brave and fearless man named Brigadier Etienne Gerard. There are so many very long stories of him with long details, but I will only tell you a little. Etienne has had a thriller life with many ups and downs. Although he’s encountered with death almost all the time he always has a sense of little humor. Here are some stories about him and his horse (Violette).

     In the chapter “How the Brigadier Won His Medal” Gerard is asked by Napoleon to go and give some important messages along with another soldier and deliver them to Paris. Although these two men are a little scared of the mission because Napoleon has told them to go the way that is surrounded with Prussians (their enemies) instead of an obvious easier route to Paris at will be much safer. In the chapter soon these two men depart as Gerard goes the way he was supposed to go to and the other man goes the easier way. Although many dangers encounter Gerard he was safe and did what his commander Napoleon told him to do. In the chapter Gerard meets his friend Bouvet who he saved one when he was in danger. Listen to this conversation with his great friend,

“The enemy is here. You cannot go.”

“I prefer to go where the enemy is.” Gerard answers.

“But why not go straight to Paris with your dispatch? Why should you choose the pass through the one place where you are most certain to be either taken or killed?”

“A soldier does not choose. He obeys” Gerard replied. 

In the end Etienne won his medal which he was very proud of and the other man (Charpentier) the captured by the Russians.

Etienne had many other adventures even more exciting than this story although this one was my favorite. Etienne stabbed a man right through his beard once. He also had to meet a horrible and mean king once, but didn’t get to talk much because soldiers attacked him and he died. Etienne looked like he murdered the man, but things worked out. He also walked in the adventure of going into the Castle of Gloom with a scared boy who had to go in there. They got trapped in a room with food, but soon got out when they caught the Castle of Gloom to get out. Etienne ended this book with going on a ship with other men. He had to cut his mustache unfortunately and grow a beard which wasn’t his style, but he figured ladies wouldn’t be on the ship so he’d be fine. Etienne was a fearless man and quite busy, but he dreamed for lady to live life forever with which he soon found in another book of his. Until I read the second book and tell stories of it for you goodnight everybody.



  1. Wow Ellie! I love this!! It was so amazing! The conversation that you wrote down....Awesomeness. 😆 Great job!

    1. Thanks! Haha I just whipped it up in about an hour actually hehe. I know. I love that part so much! :) Thanks again!