Thursday, October 1, 2015

Heatie Obsession Post #1

Hello everyone! 
I am so bad. 
Guys, I am so bad. 
So bad. 
Lol, okay. 
Well, remember that poll where I think 5 people voted for me to do a Heartie Obsession Post? 
Never posted it. 
It's been like two week guys. 
So sorry. 
Another sorry for you guys. 
I'm kinda tired of not getting to say guys because it sounds like I'm talking to guys, but I like saying guys so I'm just going to say guys. Lol 
I thought I'd make this into a series because I have a lot to say about this. 
So first I think I'm going to do a review. 
What I think about it and a little overview. 
So first I'm going to do a review for the first season. 
Then later I'll do one for the second season (that will probably feature some spoilers in them) 
ANYWHO! Okay. 
Let's do this. 
Elizabeth Thatcher a city girl comes into the town of 
Coal Valley to become the kids teacher. Little did she 
know there was a big explosion making a lot of the
 kids without fathers or even brothers. She also 
meets a mounty (Constable or Jack Thorton) who at first she doesn't have the 
greatest relationship with, but then becomes 
very good friends with him. She also lives with 
her friend, Abigail. Abigail's husband
 and only child died in the coal explosion. 
Soon, Abigail opens a restaurant called Abigail's Cafe. 
She is also working hard to prove that the mine explosion 
was purposely set up by the coal miner's boss, Mr. Henry Gowan. 
While that heats up a man named Bill Avery comes into 
the story and plans to help Abigail in this investigation. 
New coal miner's come in after many men died and a young 
man named Billy (ugh I hate him so much) starts getting on 
Elizabeth. While Jack tries to warn Elizabeth of Billy maybe 
being a criminal, Elizabeth does not listen to him. 
Soon they find out he wanted her for her family's money. 
As Jack Thorton says, "It's over Hamilton," and we never hear 
of him again. Very thankfully. The first season ends with Elizabeth and Jack's 
relationship heating up and Abigail's trial coming up soon. 

Okay so I loved this season. It's defiantly not as good as the second season, but it was great. I LOVE Jack so much! And Abigail is awesome too. I do like Elizabeth, but I figured out the only thing we share together is we're tidy people. Her whole personality does not match me. I like her a lot though. When you get into a show you hate characters and love them. You get into it. That was me! And my brother even likes this show did I tell you. At first I thought he thought it was weird, but he LOVES it. 
Of course because of Jack though. It's one of the only shows that actually have a boy for a main character. That's something you don't find everyday. I love this show. 
My rating for this show
Image result for five stars
Tada! A five star. 
If you haven't watched this show. 
It's on Netflix and on youtube for free too. 
So yeah.



  1. Oh my goodness gracious day! I love this show! It's coming back in February! Yay! If that was something else like my birthday or Christmas I would be like uh we have so many months! But I love this show SO MUCH that I just can't help it! I guess I have a heartie obsession too. :)

    Allie D.

    1. I do too! Actually they're making a 2 hour movie at Christmas time. So we don't have to wait until February. Didn't you hear? I know. I'm hating to wait. I hate hallmark so bad for that cliffhanger. Ugh! I have so many emotions. Lol

  2. Yes!! I love When Calls The Heart! It's definitely worth 5 stars!!