Friday, October 16, 2015

Heartie Obsession Post #2

Hey guys.
So I know.
I haven't been very good at my Heartie Obsession Post.
Truth is...................
I'm not really into it right now.
Shows aren't playing anymore.
And my sister just got Age of Ultron for her birthday
So, I'm kinda catching up on all the avenger movies we have.
So, yeah!
But before I kinda forget this Heartie Obsession Post for a while.
I just gotta show you this funny blooper video from season 1.
Literally, I watched this SO MUCH.
It made me happy.
Lol and Henry's laugh though;)
And all of Jack's mess ups ;D
This is hilarious!
I almost never actually LAUGH OUT LOUD to something.
But Mr. Gowan's laugh made me laugh and watch it a hundred times.
Lol so here you go!
What part did you just LAUGH at?
Is it hard for you to laugh when on Youtube?

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