Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // Camping Stories

Aww our fun camping trip
A couple weeks ago our brother got to invite all his friends over to our friend's place where we camp for his birthday party. yes, you might think four boys are a ton of negative fun, but it actually was fun. But my parents said that me and Sarah could invite our friends this week. yayyyy! Especially in this horrible and horrid humid camping isn't fun which is wrong. you just literally swim all of the time. You can go on the zip line, go on the slippin slide, go on the diving board, just hang in the water, play on the floaty, and one of my favorites. handstand competition in the water. but I'm getting ahead of myself...
Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings
why is it that whenever I say that I always want to say "the part of the show where..........." the correct answer: cause I'm weird and I like watching veggie tales. ;P
On Thursday, we packed up and got ready to go. Once we got there we swam. Like I said it was horribly hot there so swimming was a perfect reliever after sweating tons while setting up the camper and everything else. The whole lake is muddy, slightly hot, but tons of fun. After a while of swimming there you get yellow toes because the mud gets in your toes. It's gross.  So, Thursday consisted of packing, swimming, and good food. We had tortillas with cheese, ham, mushrooms, meat, and pineapples on them. We heated them over a griller and they were good. That night all of us in our camper had a great but frustrating game for some people of Spades. After a while we got in a couple brawls because of the game you kno cause card games against your family are very frustrating when you want to beat that person so bad and they just can't stop getting tons of points and you can't stop getting tons of negative points. (if that was a run on. sorry.) A then we went to bed scared after a creeping story I told about a whistler who had a grey beard, a tall black hat, white clothes, and a black bow tie who always whistles around the lake at 2 in the night. It actually scared some of my family. yeah it's my talent.
Friday our friends Mila and Ellie came over. But before the day started with delicious eggs and some similar to hash browns that was awesome. The preparation for the breakfast was frustrating sometimes, but the gathering around the table with my family was worth all the hustle. When Ellie and Mila came over we went swimming. Sadly, Mila (aka Grammy) was to scared to go on the zip line and the diving board. (it was kinda tall but still.) Ellie, no problem she did everything (just like me.) So recently our squad started a competition where we just do games against each other. Sarah and Mila are #TeamMustard because they love mustard. Me and Ellie are #TeamLatte because we LOVE lattes. So, I prepared some nice challenges. Egg Rolette. haha. Team Latte won with only 2 or 3 egg cracks on their head. It felt pretty good getting a egg slapped on your head. After the game we had one left, so I just slapped one real hard on Mila. And then we all jumped into the water and played more games. Later we also played What's in my Mouth. I surprised everybody with some pretty ironic ingredients like b-que, garlic, hazelnut spread, green peppers, (I gave it to Ellie because she hates those, but I love them) and molasses. ugh. Sadly, Team Mustard won. By one point.
That night we had smores and played an awesome game of base tag. Okay guys I was just sitting right by my dad by the fire so many rounds and no one found me. that was awesome. Then, we went to bed. More Spades which I think I won. And then I crashed. Funny story though. Ellie said that in the middle of the night I was sleeping and she sneezed and then I said, "Bless you." LOL I love it stories when I talk in my sleep. Cause I do. Then, that night I told Mila, "I feel like everybody sleeps with their mouth open but I don't." The next morning she says, "Hey Ellie for a reference you do sleep with your mouth open when your asleep." That made me laugh. Anyhwo, I slept all the way through the night in a tent. I'm kinda proud of that.
There's not much to say about Saturday. Oh wait, I have a story.
So, Friday all the squad was just floating around in this floaty and I say, "hey let's float to that island." Now me and Ellie are in the floaty. Not Mila and Sarah who kindly pushed us there. Mila thought this shirt that was she was using to pull was rubbing against her so she went to go and grab it up and screamed. She was convinced it was a fish, but me and Ellie said let's get out of here just in case it was a snake. I'm not scared of most animals but snaked. eww. After pushing away from the island Ellie says, "hey look there's a snake." And there he is sliding (or whatever they do) his way into the island. The Cursed Island for now on. Never go there. Never. Thanks Mila and Sarah for pushing us into safety. And thanks Mila for taking that one for me. It could of been me going to grab that shirt I mean snake. Aww memories. scary memories.
Anywho, there's not much to say about Saturday other then we let with a giant sun burn on our face and yellow toes that looked disgusting.
bouncing in to say bye,
p.s. camping was the reason I didn't post on Friday.
p.p.s. we have a vacation coming up this weekend but I'll still probably be publishing this Friday.
p.p.p.s. Comment your camping experiences. I'd love to hear.  


  1. You're photography is just gorgeous! :)

    Allie D.