Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // Six Flags

I'm a traveling person. There's probably nothing that gets me more excited then going on a trip. So here's my adventure that I'd love to share with you.

Welcome to Bernie's Random Rambling

 this was batman.

Wednesday night, we planned to leave for St. Louis. All day I was doing things to get ready. Finally, when we left we were about 30 minutes away from home when Daniel said,
"So, we got the tickets right?"
Mom pulled the brake real hard and said, "Oh no!"
So that's how our adventure started. Thankfully, we were all in a good mood so we just laughed the way back to the house. Did I mention my total excitement that I got to use a suitcase? Us kids have dufflebags for trips, but suitcases are better for me so you can role them around everywhere with you. Yes, I'm a kid. So, we got our hotel and enjoyed swimming in the 100 degree hot tub. Then, we all went to bed laughing, like usual on vacations.

After a good nights rest the adventure started when me, Daniel, and Dad planned a master plan to get snacks for the day and then have breakfast. It takes a lot of thinking guys. After our amazing meal we got in the car and headed to Six Flags! When we started getting close we had a competition to see who could see it first.
"THERE IT IS!!" I screamed.
Our first ride thanks for dad was Batman. I told myself before I would not go on Batman, but Dad seeing it got amazed and there we ALL went. And may I say thank you dad. It was amazing. Lots of loops and very fast riding, but it was awesome! Next, we went on Ninja. But then, we went on American Eagle. This was dad's childhood dream to ride this ride. And we did it two times in a row. It was fun, but very very bumpy. A lot of these rides I very much enjoyed even if I felt a little sick because I was also seated by my dad and his giant mouth open the entire time screaming.

Our last ride was The Boss, the highest rollercoaster there. It was awesome as well. Another wooden one that was so bumpy that when I screamed it was vibrating. After that we finished our trip to Six Flags with the carousal. My three favorite rides were 1. Batman. 2. American Thunder. 3. Something about mining. I already miss Six Flags. Hope to see it again soon.

Thursdays story is not done yet though. Our 15 minute ride to my favorite hotel, The Hyatt Place turned into an hour ride there. It was horrible. First we drove to far and passed it. Then, finally we saw the building but for fifteen minutes we were jumping from side to side trying to make it to the hotel. Finally, at 11 we got there and ordered pizza from dominos. I bragged about it to everyone. Pizza and soda at 11. Barbeque Chicken Pizza too guys! My favorite. I also bragged to everyone about how I ate 5 pieces. Maybe you aren't amazed but everybody else was.

Friday, we visited a good friend there. Then, we went to the baseball game. We stayed until 11 watching the game go over time into 14 innings. When we left at the 14th inning it still wasn't over. The game went to the 15th inning. And me and dad MISSED THEM WINNING because we went to go and get my sheets at the front desk. Our luck ya'll.

Saturday, we drove around everywhere just finding places to shop. Then, we went to me and my sister's best friends house. It was awesome to get to see them. We had lots of fun. And me and her kinda kicked it off since she dances and I do gymnastics! We got home at 12. And that was the end of our adventure. :(

Have you ever been to Six Flags before?
What was your favorite ride?
Have you ever been to a Major League Baseball game before?
If so, what team?

bouncing in to say bye,

p.s. thanks for Sarah who gave us the advice for when we feel like we're getting sick on the ride scream because it helps. And after ride if you feel like you're going to throw up, hum.


  1. Nice pictures! It looks like you had a great time. :)

  2. 5 PIECES?! Wow Bernie ;) ---Liah

    1. Lol thanks Liah! You literally did make me laugh! :)