Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // A Letter to Summer

 Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings
where I'm going to ramble because I don't have anything to say.

Wow summer, you've done me good. And you're not gonna be going any time soon either summer.  But seriously summer you've done me good. You've kept me busy (which is my favorite thing.)

Summer is sometimes hard on you when you don't always have something to do. You're tempted to use to much time on the computer or phone. And this summer I think I've really got better on using my time more constructively. Thanks to me. I have goals for the day helping me do that. I'm a big goal person. Whenever I make a goal for exercising, I do it. So goals help me.

Most of my goals consist of reading, drawing, gymnastics, or any other activity that totally randomly popped up in my head at 11:00 o'clock while I'm trying to fall asleep. Today my goals were writing my pen pals, decorating my room, practicing piano, reading, post, get ice cream machine out from the shed, look up for gymnastics hairstyles, and exercise by Olympians.

haha another perfect thing to ramble about. Did anybody watch the Olympic trails for gymnastics? I did. The last meet which was going to determine who is going to Rio. And boy, was I nervous. Obviously Simone Biles one of the greatest gymnasts right now was going to make it, but what about Gabby Douglas who was struggling a lot in some of her events. I watched her on Friday fall off the beam while doing an easy skill. It was hard watching her be so mad about that. Even harder when the..the announcers couldn't stop talking about everything she's done wrong. Ugh like they'd be any better. We also have Aly Raisman who is just doing great. And my fav. gymnast Laurie Herandez. Look er up. She's da best. What's so awesome is for almost all year I've been watching gymnastics, but very easy gymnastics. I watch two youtube girls who are only in level 8. When you transition from level 8 skills to Olympic skills, ITS A BRAIN BLOW. Ahh I want to be like them someday. And for Christmas I want a GK leotard. Basically it's a leotard from a really nice store that all the Olympians wear and model for.   Comment below if anybody knows what I'm talking about. Cause I'd really like to get to know you if you do.

Back to my letter to summer.

Summer, you're humid. But I'm dealing with it. Thanks for swimming. My mom has a friend who has a swimming pool and we go swimming there A LOT. Which gets me thinking....today swimming day was cool. Me and Danny were having challenges in the water. First one was swimming. We had to freestyle swim to the other side, do a front flip, kick off the wall, and go back to the other side backstroke. Okay Danny you won that....BARELY. Then we had underwater handstand competitions which I WON. AND I'D SAY HUGELY. So it's tied. Last challenge. You jump in the water and try to catch the ball that the other player is throwing to you. Catch it or not you judge it. We have five rounds. Whoever gets the most points in the first round wins the first round and whoever wins the most round wins. We added a whoever loses has to make lunch for the winner too so this is getting serious. We didn't get to finish the whole game so I say, "okay let me add up all the scores we did and whoever has the most wins." Well of course he has to argue after he says yes because I won.
Danny: Okay let's just not make lunch for anyone.
Ellie: No, you make lunch for me and I make it for you.

We all make our menus and have a delicious lunch.
My sibs are glad I'm always there.
I calm them down and always think of a way that both of them are happy.
Like today.
yay for me!
and yay for that awesome fruit bowl Danny made for me!

how come I've been writing to summer for so long yet it looks so little?

cheers for summer and the awesome God who's made this summer so awesome!
We're so blessed.

You're friend (even though I kinda want winter to come),

Hope you like my letter to summer. It was TOTALLY random guys.

bouncing in to say bye,

p.s. stay tuned for Friday!

p.p.s. comment if you'd like to see my stretches and exercises in the next bernie's random ramblings.


  1. Haha I like it. I'm having the same summer, trying to stick to my to do list each day. I'm getting somewhere I hope, doing jobs and things I've been needing to do but there's no time for. Such as tidying my room!
    Have a good summer :)

    1. Thanks! Yep it's the way you do it. Yeah I'm doing a lot of that. Cool stuff! Have a great summer yourself! :)

  2. It is super tempting to let all of your free time to be taken up by electronic things! I've been trying to keep away from electronics by writing most of the time now.

    I wish I saw the Olympic gymnastics trials! Besides track, swimming, and volleyball, gymnastics is the main sport I watch during the Summer Olympics, and to hear that Gabby Douglas wasn't doing that great makes me a bit shocked. >.<

    xoxo Morning