Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Bernie's Random Ramblings // Carmi Trip w/ Youth Group

Welcome to Bernie's Random Ramblings. 

A couple weeks ago we went to Carmi. It was my first year going with my youth group but they've went plenty of times. Carmi is a children's home for teenagers. It's also a Christian place. Firstly, Friday night we came up there. We first went to Cracker Barrel. When we got up there we played basketball. It was hot, but I love basketball especially with my friends.  Then, we took a shower and hung out. About 30 people stayed in a house with about 6 bedrooms. The living room was small but we managed to fit almost everyone in there. I loved just hanging in the living room. 

Saturday, we got up early and got outside to work. About 15 people got to weed eat *is that how you spell it?* I was a little nervous because I've never done it before. So they just literally handed me one and I was like " I don't know how to do this thing." And they're like talk to Caleb. I go to Caleb and he just starts the thing for me and leaves. I'm like " I don't know to do this." So he shows me, then later it's not working. I go and tell my friend and she's like "Go and talk to Caleb" 
"But I don't want to talk to Caleb. He doesn't help me!" Well we fixed it. Anywho, there's my little adventure. These weed eaters were very powerful sometimes pine cones would hit you really hard and it would sting. We weed eated a lot. Finally we were done. 
We had lunch, took a shower *hallelujah* and got ready for meeting the kids. The girls made fleece blankets together and the boys played games outside. I was nervous about doing the blacker because I didn't know if it was this complicated project. Someone also told us we had to say 3 facts about us. My friends were horrified about that so we prepared like 30 minutes before. My three facts were:
I like playing the guitar.
I love playing football and gymnastics.
And my favorite color is lime green. 

While we were in our room planning our facts we almost got forgotten. We were laughing so hard being super loud. Finally I hushed everyone because I didn't hear anyone in the living room. We go into the living room and everyone was gone. So we ALMOST got forgotten. 
Anywho, the blankets went well. It was so easy and fun. We got one partner to do the blanket with. I was nervous, but we talked a lot and it was very fun. After that, we went back to our house. I would tell you all the hilarious things that we did, but it's just so hard to explain. 
That night we held a service for the kids. I didn't do anything but it was still fun. Then we got to pray with some of the kids. It was very awesome to pray with the kids. Then we had brownies! 

Bright and early Sunday morning we got ready to go to church at 10. Of course it's hard to get 30 people out of a house at 8 so we can get to church. We were only 10 minutes late though. That was awesome. 

The trip was very fun. 

Oh and wait,
I got a funny story. 

Friday night in the living room we're all talking about sleep walking. I don't sleep walk so I'm not worried about doing it that night. Well that night I get up. I literally jump off my bunk bed and bolt out of the room. I thought I was late for getting up so I go out to the living room and see nobody. I look at the clock and it says 2. So, I go back to bed. And that's my story.  My friend who was up saw all this. I'm just totally amused when I sleep talk to sleep walk this time. 

Thanks for reading!
Have you ever went on a mission trip?
Have you ever slept walked?

bouncing in to say bye,

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