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Good Apples Friday // Is Belief in God Logical?

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Although I do believe that belief in God is logical, I never really knew reasons that belief in God is logical until a couple of weeks ago. My youth group has been going through a book called "A Quest for Truth." A long time when the author Shannon Hurley was interested in God he had lots of questions. It was frustrating to not know the answers. This is why Shannon Hurley wrote this book. To help others understand the Bible more. This has definitely helped me especially chapter 2 which is what I'm about to talk about.

Is Belief in God Logical?
The four logical reasons are...

1. The complexity of the world demands the need for a designer.
In simpler words, "The world is so complicated that it must be a result of God."
This year in biology, I've been constantly reading about the most complicated things ever. I used to think that just animals and humans could move around and eat other things. This year I've learned that plants make food for other plants or animals. I've been learning about bacteria that can move and attack other bacteria for food. It's so complicated.
This world is so complicated it has to require someone so smart to have created it. So intelligent and powerful to have thought of all this. This world is so complicated that it couldn't of appeared. It demands the need for designer. 

In this book he says, "If there is no God what other possibility can there be for the creation of such a wonderfully complex universe?"

2.  A reproductive world demands the need for a pre-exist being.
"Since everything in the universe is produced from something that existed
beforehand, there must have been someone who has always existed.
I came in to existence when my parents had me, they came into existence when they're parents had them, when they're parents had them, and it goes on and on. Where did the first child come from? There had to be a creator. History and science have proven that animals can only be reproduced from it's own species. A cat has a cat as it's parent and it cannot have a dog as it's parent.

If there is no God, then how did this whole reproductive process begin?
3. Man's inward sense of right and wrong demands the need for a lawgiver.
"Since there is a universal desire to live morally, God must have been the one to have created that desire."
 How is there an universal knowledge of right and wrong? How do we feel guilty after doing some kind of wrong-doing? Everyone has a guilt in doing something wrong and try to do things right.
If mankind evolved do you think he would of evolved with moral standards or would he just come into existence?

If there is no God, who put this system of morality within mankind?

4. The need for purpose demands the need for a purposeful creator?
"Since everyone has the desire to live for something there must have been someone who put that desire to live into mankind."
This is saying two things: that there is a purposeful Creator and that Creator puts a purpose within mankind at creation. Every object has some kind of purpose. Just like clay was molded into a sculpture for a purpose. Everyone has a purpose for life. Everyday we wake up and have an aim and  purpose for the day.
Who put the desire in mankind to want to live with an aim for his day?
Who put the desire in mankind to make something of himself?
If there is no God, then who put this purposeful desire with mankind?

I hope you understand this whole post. I know it can be confusing, but once you understand it, it really makes sense.

I recommend you guys to read "Quest for Truth" by Shannon Hurley.

Please give me feedback on what you thought about this post. I love to hear you guys! :)

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