Friday, November 4, 2016

October Highlights and November Goals

My October Highlights

1) Well, the right in the beginning of October was my sissy's birthday. I really enjoyed giving her my present which was a shirt that said "just keep swimming," and it had Dory on it. :P Also for her birthday party we had our friends over. We first hang out Friday night and did Bernie's Fitness Club (I'm getting them in shape). Then Saturday morning we met with donuts and coffee and went to the library. Then we played football and went hiking. It was very funn!

2) This month our youth group went to a town by us and did a service for teens. Our youth led the songs and our Pastor preached. It was very fun! Which leads me to another thing our youth group has been doing this month. Every Sunday night the youth lead worship which I just got into this year. It's been super fun to learn. I sing. Also, we've been learning on harmonizing which is really fun for me!! I'm starting to get good at it and it's so fun to do!! Sarah is learning to play the piano for the band and Danny has been learning the box (pretty much a bongo which is a drum).

3) Our fall photoshoot with our friends. This was super fun to do!! Like literally we planned EVERYTHING out from where we'll meet to what outfits we were wearing. It was so fun to do that. That morning I texted them and after all this work I go, "guys pray for me, I'm feeling non photogenic today." But right when we got there I couldn't stop smiling. I guess it's what best friends do to you. ;) Anywho, it was awesome. The only thing was like 80 degrees and we were all dressed in fally sweaters and boots. it was hot. btw, why isn't fally a word. Fall-y? c'mon dictionary. I wish I could show you all of our MANY photos, but I can't. I have some handstand pictures though...and that picture my best friend took of me taking a picture of the leaves. :P Oh and Sarah's beautiful crown. hehe and Ellie's converse because I was obsessing over them. I literally took like five pictures of them...;P.

4) Pizza and the Arcade with my family. Every year all of  my mom's family goes out for pizza and then goes to the arcade. Who doesn't love spending time with your cousins, grandparents, aunts, and uncles?! Then....we played laser tag!! I've never done that before. At first, I was scared. literally. But then...I just started hitting people. That was totally fun. Our team won!! Oh and my name in the game was Jack something. All I remember is Jack. figures. Anybody been just dying to see season 4 of When Calls the Heart because you see so many posts about it on Instagram? Am I the only one? Seriously dudes...follow Erin Krakow on Instragram!!

5) Getting to play outside. This month when Sarah had to do her mid-term me, mom, and Danny went to the park. We had a obstacle course. First he won, then I won. Then she had to go there again, and went to the park again, and I won both games!! Next step is training for American Ninja Warrior. hehe no. Also after our history class on Thursday night we always go outside and play football. It's super fun. My abs really got stronger after that too. :P And also getting to do my gymnastics outside on my mat is always the best. It's so awesome to have so much space.
Which leads me too...........
6) Gymnastics. This is always my highlight, but this month was really awesome!! This month I did a backhandspring by myself like a bajillion times!! I landed a front flip also!! I also did an ariel (aka cartwheel with no hands). AND...I did a roundoff backhandspring ALL BY MYSELF this week!! I was so happy!! Now with some of these skills equipment helped me accomplish the skill, but I'm so happy about what I did. A lot of skills you can probably do by yourself, but the nervousness of your doing it by yourself messes you up. Don't be afraid though. So that was awesome!! I'm also getting to know my teammates and coaches well. So that's also good. :)

7) The zoo! This month we went to the zoo! We got to see the elephants (my favorite animal). At first we were walking and there were no elephants out, but then we walked more and there they were!! I was so happy!! We also went to Chickfila because that's the only time we can go there. That was the best... Who loves that place? Hey and guess what?! Our town just got a Panda Express. I was so happy!!

Of course I could say about another billion highlights, but I'll save you!!

My November Goals:
Wear boots
Get good grades
 Do a backhandspring in my backyard
Get better at harmonizing
Have a sleepover with my friends
Eat a lot for thanksgiving

What are your October highlights?
What was your favorite highlight of mine?
What your November goals?

Thanks for reading!!

bouncing in to say bye,

P.S. I have this survey here. If you could please give me some advice! thanks! :)


  1. Wow, it sounds like you had a super busy (and fun) month!
    A highlight for me in October would probably be this 5k race that my friends and I did to raise money for breast cancer.
    As for November goals, I'm in search of some peace. October was very hectic and I'm looking forward to some down time.
    P.S I filled out your survey!
    Happy November!

    1. Busy but always fun!! Ooh that sounds fun! I've already wanted to do a 5K!! Peace, ah yes!! Totally. Thanks for much for the comment and entering my survey!! :)

  2. Those are wonderful goals! That photoshoot sounds so fun! I'm so ready for Thanksgiving food too. :)

    Have a great November!

    With love and all joy,
    Allie D.

    1. It was very fun!! Mm just the thought of thanksgiving food. Hehe thanks for commenting!!

  3. Sounds like so much fun!!! And I love the photos!!!! Also, I love your November Goals list!

    1. Thanks Shelby!! I miss talking to you!! Thanks thanks for commenting!!

  4. I like your eat a lot at Thanksgiving goal XD X3 ---Liah

    1. :) thanks!! It's true though. I never eat a lot for some reason.

  5. Sounds like you had a fun month! I love your photos!

  6. Loved reading This post! Congratulations on your back handspring! That is really awesome!
    I can do a slow front handspring on the ground. It's not very much of a spring though.
    Was the zoo in St Louis? I love visiting st Louis, but we live 5 hours away, so we don't go there very often.
    Keep up your great work! I'm sure that by the end of November, both of us will know some knew skills! :)

    1. Thanks!! Front handsprings are awesome!! I love the feeling of them!! I love the zoo at St. Louis. It's so fun. And free!! That's cool!! Thanks for commenting!! I check out your blog!! ;)

  7. Aww, sounds like such a fun month!

  8. Sounds like you had a lot of fun last month. I love visiting the zoo, thought we don't hardly ever go. That picture of the elephant is so good! I love how you took that. :)