Monday, November 21, 2016

Photography Contest Changes // Currently

First, before I say anything I want to say that my first week of photography contest did not go very well. I'm going to extend my first week to one more week which means your entry of leaves will be due on the 27th. Also, I've heard a lot of you guys say you just don't have time. Well if you don't...that's okay!! You can enter a photo you took a long time ago. That's fine!! :) It'd mean so much if you entered, even if you don't have much experience!!

Also, I have a little prize for the winners too. If you win, you can guest post on my blog!! And stay tuned, I also might think of another exciting, but easy prize for you winners. If you have any suggestions drop me one in the comment box.

So now, I'm going to do a currently post.


Dreaming... of the day after Thanksgiving where we'll all put up our Christmas tree, listen to Christmas music, put up the Christmas lights, and start the Christmas season!!

Thinking...of Christmas presents. They just keep coming guys. It's a bigggg list.

Ordering... a free 8x11 calendar from Shutterfly. I'm so happy guys, I got a free calendar. I got to make my own photos for every month. It was defiantly a great project to do!!

Reading... God is the Gospel by John Piper. So far, it's a REALLY good book.

Loving... how it's so cold. I can finally wear warm boot, warm jackets, warm sweaters, everything FALLY. I'm in love with the cold guys!!

Listening... to football sport commentators. I'm a big football fan. Seahawks all the way!! Anywho, me and Danny had a big fight last night about who's the football goo roo in the family. I think I proved myself to be the one. BUT STILL. I'm listening and learning. Being a sports commentator is my dream :P

Getting... excited about Thanksgiving. This year we're making all the food and bringing it over to our great Grandma's house. I'm so excited. Every one is making two special dishes. I'm making pumpkin pie and rolls :)

So that's my currently post for you.

Wow I haven't done of those in a while.

bouncing in to say bye,

Can you relate to any of these?
What's one of your dream jobs?


  1. I'M SO SORRY! I didn't even realize it was the 21st, and I felt so bad when I did realize! Thanks so much for giving me another chance!
    Hmm, my dream job would be, to be a midwife, because I love babies so much!
    A guest post would be so fun, good idea!