Thursday, November 10, 2016

Thankfulness Thursday

Hey guys!! So, I wanted to do Grace Ann's Thankfulness Thursday challenge. I know I'm posting this at like 10. I'm horrible. Anywho, I thought this challenge sounded so fun so I'm going to do it!!

I'm thankful for.....

a three day weekend

friends that make me die of laughter

a notebook to write school notes in

my awesome coaches and teachers

walking around beautiful leaves

just chilling at the library with my brother

having beautiful Christian songs stuck in my head


Remember to always be thankful, even if life isn't going as you want it to be.

bouncing in to say bye,


  1. All these reasons are awesome! I'm working on a thankful post, just need to get the pictures. (Of the things in thankful for☺)

    1. Thanks!! I'll be excited to see it!! :)