Sunday, December 21, 2014

4 more!

4 more days till Christmas! 3 more days till Christmas eve. Today I got a kind of short post. Tomorrow I'm going to be in a Christmas play called David's Dynasty. Yea it's based off Duck Dynasty and yes I resemble Mrs. Kay. It's weird cause today is her birthday. I like the play! So anyway this is what has been happening in my Christmas filled day today.

We went to church like usual. This night we planned to go caroling. We went with my Pastor and his daughter (my best friend) and her friend and my family. We went to a couple assistant living centers. Then we went in a couple neighborhoods. The last one was the best though. Just think of a long street covered with apartments. People walking outside. Their were cool Christmas decorations too! We started walking down the street while singing. There would be people opening up their window and listening. Some would shout a nice thank you! I would just smile! ;) Some kids said hi and bye to us. Then, our pastor said a passage in the bible. It was dead silent then you heard a loud voice proclaiming a passage. It was so happy! So there's your little story for you. Then we came back to our church and ate pizza. We told tons of funny stories and laughed like crazy! Minus the fact, I hurt my ankle by jumping the wrong way down the stairs, it was a blast! Hope you day was like this one too!

Peace and Love,

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