Sunday, December 14, 2014

Your update on 19 kids and counting

So lately I've been really loving the show 19 kids and counting on TLC. Me, my brother, and my Mom would watch their show on Netflix ALL THE TIME, but it deleted couple months ago. We numerously call Netflix and TLC asking them to put it back on Netflix. Our good friends love 19 kids and counting too and watched it on Netflix too. For about one month we couldn't watch any of the show, but we had too. We started watching some episodes when we went to our Grandma's on TLC. Then, we started watching episodes on YouTube. Now, we can find many new episodes and we love it! Though we miss the old ones too. If anybody hasn't heard the Duggar news lately you will just think social media is nasty.

It all started with social media blaming the Duggar's and saying they hated gays. After that the social media started making unbelievable rumors about them. Jessa got married on the 1st of November in 2014. About two or three weeks later the media says Jessa is pregnant. I haven't heard any other news about that since. Maybe a week later they say John-David the second oldest is courting. Later the Duggar's post on Facebook saying John-David is not courting. Oh could Jana who is twins with John-David be courting Tim Tedow. That rumor comes too. After is kind of gets old they say Amy Duggar the kids cousin is trying to steal Tim Tebow from Jana. Amy posts on Instagram saying, "Me and Jana laughed so hard at this. We haven't even met Tim Tebow. So moving on.

Some awesome and most incredible news is coming. Jill the fourth or third (I don't know if you count the twins as one or two) just got married on June 21st 2014. After about three months they announced that they're having their first baby. It's a boy! And about a week ago Anna who is married to Josh the oldest announced their having their 4th baby!! I think it's going to be a boy, but they need a girl. Josie's birthday was on the 10th! So here's some information about her.

Josie was born December 10th 2009. She was a very early baby though. For a long time she was in a hospital and was not able to eat. She was 1 pound 6 ounces. Although she's still alive. It's a miracle that she is! You look at her now and you can't believe it! Josie is very healthy and energetic too! She has a kind and loving heart along with a joyous smile! Josie has this personality that lightens my day up! Always smiling, energetically playful, caring heart, and a bright five year old she is.

The upcoming birthday in this month will be Jordyn December 18th age 6, Jinger December 31st age 21, and Jedidiah and Jeremiah December 30th age 16!

I hope you like this post! If you have any post inspiration for me I'd love it! I don't really know what to post about these days.

Peace and Love,

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