Sunday, December 6, 2015

Daily December / This Week I


 This Week I...

On Monday.....
 I got up and did not school. I was a little worried about being really not motivated to do school since I hadn't done school in a long time, but I was pretty good. After math my venting after brain explosion is piano. Hehe and my brother says I'm in the melting room when I'm doing math. Lol does anybody else feel like your melting while doing math. hehe ;P Then, at 5 we went to our latin class. It's really fun to go to latin because it's with our best friends and our dad (the teacher) isn't very pushy. He's very relaxed and fun, but learning much. :) And then I did math. Oh yeah and then watched Charlie Brown on the tv. Who loves Charlie Brown?! :)
On Tuesday....
I got up to do my school. Tuesday's our my favorite days. Piano and hanging out with my mom and brother! :) After that we went to drop my sister off at her chemistry and then went to Burger King to get a drink and time to do English with mama! I love doing school at places with my mom and brother. We crack jokes and have a really good time. Once that was done we went to piano. I love doing piano because our teacher really nice. And her baby is super cute and I love her! :)
On Wednesday...
I did school. Again. Lol then after that me and my sister went to her piano class. I met my friend's before that and we hung around talking. Another good thing about piano is my best friends live right by their house! :) So, after Sarah's piano we went walking around our campus lake. It got really cold, but we survived. Oh and we also walked the mayor's dog. Yeah we that cool. They're cute! :) Oh and me and my sister went to a church and ate dinner there. Once we were done we prepared a room for an event called Night in Bethlehem. We're doing pottery in our rooms and we're suppsed to have costumes and everything. It's going to be fun. And it was my first time EVER using a staple gun. Lol milestone! ;)
On Thursday...
I got up to do my school. My Dad was hunting that morning so he came back at about 10 and we visited for a little bit. After doing school we just watched movies I think. I don't really remember Thursday much. Oh and we watch Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions play. They were winning when we went to bed.

 On Friday...
I woke up to my brother coming to me and n Friday
saying, "Ellie! Packers won! They got this great play and won. Walkoff!" And at first I was like, "okay" but once I got up I almost cried. Lol JK. ;D Then, we did school. For lunch we went to Dairy Queen and then went to LifeWay where I saw ALL the When Calls the Heart dvds. And wanted them. Lol then we went to my Great Grandma's house. Then, we went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house. And hung out with them and our cousins. :D
And on Saturday...
I actually slept on my couch in the living room, but my dad and brother woke me up when at 4 a.m they got up to go hunting so I went in my bed. Lol later that day me and my Dad made little flyers to hang out to our neighbors. Me and Sarah want to walk dogs for money so we hung those out. After that we went to our college Christmas Craft Day and looked at the pretty stuff there. Then, we went to my DREAM PLACE. Burger King where I got my DREAM FOOD. Icees! I love icees! (Little Side Note here: For my wedding I think I might have icees instead of cake. Because I don't like cake and I don't like ice cream that much to have it in my wedding unless it's rainbow sherbet. I don't like brownies enough. Or cookies. So icees! :) yeahhh) And then we went home and watched Little Women. We ended the night with a game of clue. I love that game! :)
Thanks for reading!
I need some help though guys.
I'm not really sure if I want to keep on with this challenge.
As you can see I got this a day off.
I might be doing that a little.
So, I hope you guys are still interested though.
Comment your opinion.
                     ~Ellie R.




  1. I think it's a fun challenge and you don't' have to do it very single day. I mean look at my blog. Though I guess that is the aspect of the challenge.

    1. Yeah thanks for your opinion! yeah. It's a challenging challenge. As you see I always get the post done at like 9. hehe :P

  2. Your week seems so fun! You seem like a GREAT friend to have!! :)

    1. It is! Aww thanks! And thanks for commenting! It means a lot! :)