Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Daily December / YouTube Favorites

Today is...
Something You've Never Did On Your Blog Before
So, I'm going to do my favorite YouTubers.
Yay! I kept it kinda simple so I hope that's okay.
1. Flippin Katie
Katie is a gymnast. She mostly just shows vlogs. I love her videos!
2. Cheernastics
Cheernastics is three girls who do gymnastics and cheer videos. I really like them cause they do fun challenges and useful tutorials.
3. Brooklyn and Bailey
Brooklyn and Bailey do all kinds of stuff. Challenges, vlogs, and collabs. They're really fun!
4. The Piano Guys
Piano Guys do music. I love instrumental so yeah. I listen to them while math is going. Anywho, yeah they're awesome! Once of my dreams is to play the cello because I LOVE to see people play it.
5. Dude Perfect
Okay I know this is weird, but my brother gets me into sports channels. Dude Perfect is filled with battles, awesome trick shots, and yeah. They're pretty cool.
6. Daniel Jang
I also love Daniel Jang. He plays the violin so me and my brother like listening to him while doing math too! :)
7. Merrell Twins]
Merrell Twins do funny stuff. They're super funny so go and watch them! ;)
8. Bored Shorts
Bored Shorts do SUPER funny videos. Just go and watch. You'll crack up!
9. Gardiner Sisters
Gardiner Sisters do covers mostly. They're cool. And if you go to their other challenge GSLIFe they have challenges, behind the scenes, and life.
10. Rosanna Pansino
I don't really like this girl because she does so much cooking, but every once in a while she makes a pretty funny challenge with her sister.

Thanks for reading!
Oh and here are some of the funniest videos from some of these channels

Do you like these channels?
What are your favorite youtube channels?

Yours Truly,


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  2. Hi Bernie, it's Mic! If your interested in doing a interview, just e-mail me at Thanks!

  3. Me and my siblings love watching dude perfect! And kid snippets! And piano guys!:) My favorite youtube channels are "studio c" and "the eh bee family!" Studio c does funny skits. And eh bee family They do a lot of stuff!:)

    1. Yeah those channels are awesome! I like Studio C too. never heard of the eh bee family though. Maybe I'll look it up. Thanks for commenting! :)

  4. I really liked the second video!